Next Level Pull Requests

Reduce Bugs

We give you the most context possible around a pull request so you catch the bugs before they get merged in.

Shorten the Feedback Loop

We help developers ask the important questions sooner. This means less time clarifying and more time reviewing.

Fully Secure

The confidentiality of your intellectual property is our highest priority. We don't store any of your code or intellectual property.


You write your changes in your favorite IDE, why not review them in one also?

View Your Repos In a Stunning UI

There's nothing like a clean view of your code.

  • View repositories, branches, and commits
  • Our filetree will let you easily navigate your code. No more page reloads!
  • Rapidly switch between repositories and pull requests with our Recent Activity navbar

Approach Pull Requests with Clarity

  • Browse through files quickly with our filetree
  • See changes in 4 different views
  • Compare commits within a pull requests to review more recent changes
  • Comment, Review, Approve, Invite, and Collaborate in a fluid environment
  • Customize your theme, panel layouts, and code view to fit your work style

Set Your Comments Free

Comments are the core of a successful pull request. Mergefly shows all of your comments without obstructing any code.

  • Search through pull requests by comments for a faster understanding of your review
  • Use floating comments to view your code unobstructed
  • Jump to older commits from comments to give more context to changes

No Refreshing == Faster Code Reviews

We know you and your team like to move fast. We ensure that your comments, repos, files, commits, reviews, and everything else updates live so you can collaborate in realtime.

  • Collaborate seamlessly in realtime with live updates
  • Changes in GitHub automatically reflect in Mergefly and visa versa
  • Slack notifications keep your team informed of all updates


Open Source
(public and private repositories)
(private organizations)


No need to create a new account! We log you in through GitHub's oauth flow. So if you already have a GitHub account you are good to go!
Mergefly does not store any private or personal information used on this site. All data is gathered, stored, secured, and authenticated through the GitHub api and stored on GitHub.
Mergefly handles all user interface interactions with Pull Requests. You will still need to go to GitHub to manage your personal account settings and repository settings. Otherwise you will not have to go to GitHub for any of your Pull Request needs.
Nope! Mergefly works in sync with GitHub so you can be the only member of your team using Mergefly and your teammates won't know the difference!
Yes! Mergefly will charge you after 14 days of signing up and then charge you recurringly every month after that. You can cancel at any time and you will keep your paid access until the end of the month you cancelled. Remember that your first 2 weeks are on us!
Unfortunately, not yet. We do plan on integrating with GitLab soon, so keep on checking in for updates.
Your Mergefly account is directly linked to your GitHub account. To sign in with a different email, logout of GitHub at github.com and then log back into Mergefly.
Mergefly can only see the organizations you give permission to access. Once you are logged in, you can go to "Manage Permissions" in the navbar to give access to other organizations.